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Hearkies Collection

You never know when inspiration will come. It is said that the greatest ideas were born by chance, without even being sought. This collection of rings has a similar history. 

bowl of cookies inspiration of the heart shaped rings by gwumm

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In the spring of 2020, the COVID-19 health emergency broke out in Italy, which forced us to stay at home for about 2 months. During this lockdown we all became "great chefs"👨🏻‍🍳.

One day I cooked some heart-shaped cookies with leftover cake dough. The next morning, at breakfast, as I looked at this bowl full of biscuits, an idea flashed into my head:

"How many ways could I arrange them on a ring?"

So I immediately went to my small home studio and started drawing and designing nonstop until this collection came out.

Now it was time to give a name to this collection and nothing seemed better to me than combining the words "hearts" and "cookies": HEARKIES! ❤️+🍪

The Design Process

The first thing I do in these cases is always start with a scribble and believe me, most of the time the drawing is hideous but in this phase the beauty matters little. If I had to draw precisely, I would lose 90% of inspiration.

first sketch of the hearkies collection by gwummFirst sketch of the Ring A

Then I move on to my beloved Mac and start designing by modeling the ring using 3D graphics programs. At this stage, especially having to stay at certain production specifications, I can realize that the initial sketch was really too imaginative and therefore needs some changes, luckily this was not the case.

The only change I had to make was to reduce the initially conceived camber of the hearts to avoid excessive use of material and consequently a high final cost of the jewel.

The result

After a few hours I managed to get 6 models all different from each other by simply playing on a combination of full and empty shapes.

Of these 6 rings I don't know which one to choose 😍, each ring is cute in its own way but my two favorites are the Ring L and Ring 1.

hearkies rings collection by gwumm

I thought of this collection in yellow gold as it is the finish that immediately comes to mind when thinking about the wedding bands, but you can choose the color you like best among yellow, rose and white gold.

Conclusion (this is just the beginning)

Combining all the points of my life, from the academic career, the passion for jewelry, my last love story and finally this health emergency, I decided to try to create a brand behind this collection and leave a mark on the universe.

hearkies rings collection by gwumm

I want to be honest with you and tell you that I already have the second, third and fourth collection in mind for this brand. But first of all I have to understand how interested people can be in this idea of mine and find the funds to finance it. That's why I'm collecting some information.

If you like the idea and believe in love as I believe in it, show me your interest by clicking on the button below and sign up, I will be eternally grateful.

sign up to receive huge discounts when i launch on kickstarter

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