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Shooting with Joëlle

The rings were made, the still-life images for e-commerce published, only a few photos with the rings worn were missing. I needed a girl with manicured hands, sweet lips and beautiful hair. Luckily my friend Joëlle corresponds to this description,...

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Colored Gold - How It's Made

At GWUMM, gold is offered in three colors: yellow, rose and white. Colored gold is a combination of pure gold and alloys, because in pure form (24k), gold is an orange-yellow color and is too soft to work with in jewelry.

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14k Gold Vs. 18k Gold - The Difference

Here at GWUMM, I craft my jewelry in 14k solid gold (never plated, filled or vermeil). Everyday jewelry is usually made with 14k solid gold while jewels for special occasion and wedding are made with 18k solid gold. I'm here to help break these two...

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