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cipriano giuliani jewelry designer at gwumm

"will you marry me?"

There are only a couple of moments in life that we will always remember, often related to the most important decisions.

This is one of those.

My name is Cipriano Giuliani (@ciprianogiuliani) I'm a jewelry designer with a strong passion for 3d modeling, things that shine and precision works, but first of all I'm a romantic person.

Over the years I have made jewels for friends and relatives helping them to express a feeling for their loved one, until one day my time came.

The truth is, I couldn't afford a solitaire ring so I made my own diamond-free ring. It was her reaction of amazement mixed with joy and emotion that made me understand that a diamond is not necessary to make people understand how great one's love is.

Thus was born the idea of this brand. I have found that I feel infinite joy in making a jewel that will help people I have never met to express all their love.

GWUMM is synonymous of a declaration of love, with such a strange name that everyone can pronounce it in own their way, as the love is. GWUMM is the moment you will always remember by making you realize how great a person's love can be.

I design each jewel in my home studio in Italy and use the best 3d printing technologies for their realization. I have often used unusual materials for my jewelry: wood, marble, aluminum. For this project I wanted to use solid gold  because it is a precious and unassailable material, just like love should be.