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Ring I
Ring I
Ring I
Ring I
Ring I
Ring I
Ring I
Ring I

Ring I

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The void created by the inner heart brings out the shapes of this ring, adding a surprising brilliance to the design.

A reinvention of the Ring AHearkies models represent the individual and couple love strength and power, worn outwardly to express what lies within each of us. Wear this GWUMM "Ring I" ring on its own or mix and match with other GWUMM rings to make a statement.

  • 3 different finishes
  • 14k solid gold
  • All sizes available

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All jewels are in 14k solid gold with the following compositions:

14k Gold consists of 58% Gold, 31% Copper, 10% Silver, and 1% Zinc.
14k Rose Gold consists of 58% Gold, 40% Copper, 1% Silver, and 1% Zinc.
14k White Gold consists of 58% Gold, 24% Copper, 9% Zinc, and 9% Nickel.

4.5 mm wide

GWUMM uses standard US rings sizes. Refer to the mesaurement chart or the ruler found in the ring size guide.

View & download the GWUMM ring size guide →

Can't find the right size for you? No problem, contact me and I will be more than happy to help you.

After your order is submitted, the process of creation will start:
Design ⇨ Printing ⇨ Melting ⇨ Hand poolish ⇨ Packing ⇨  Shipping!

Your ring will be prepared and shipped in 2-3 weeks.