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Claudia & Alessandro

claudia & alessandro love moment

how we met

We met when we were younger, around 20 years old. I lived in Milan and spent my summers in Versilia, where she lived. Through mutual friends a beautiful friendship was born but our lives took completely different paths.

We met again many years later and our love started again, more than before, better than before.

I don't know if it was destiny or not but it is certain that love always comes (or comes back) in the end, even if 15 years had passed.

our love moment

Even if the work of both of us keeps us apart, we try to balance the scores by giving ourselves romantic moments such as dinners and travels. Although now together for several years I wanted to give her something that would make her remember how great my love is towards her.

I saw these really cute rings and immediately thought they were the ideal gift. Just during one of our romantic dinners I pulled the gift box out of my pocket.

What to say...she was left speechless and I am so happy that she always wears it, on all occasions.

The chosen ring


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